Saturday, September 18


Saturday, September 18

Team WOD

.8 mile run
100 box jumps
50 knees-elbows

What is a Team WOD? This workout was designed for a team of 2 people, but can be modified for more.  The team runs together, and will one at a time complete 100 box jumps, then 50 knees-elbows. Box jumps and knees to elbows are accomplished at your highest intensity because your rest is during your partner’s work.  If your heart is beating a consistent rate, then you need to push harder; it’s about as fast as you can until you max out, and then your partner can have his/her turn.

*above is a knees-elbows tutorial.  All of our clients participate at various fitness and flexibility levels, and we modify this for each individual’s needs. When you watch the tutorial, you will notice correct and incorrect ways to accomplish the knees-elbows.  At Hoosier CrossFit, you will always have a personal trainer to keep you safe, and guide you towards your fitness goals!