Saturday & Sunday


Saturday & Sunday

10am. Kipping pullup and butterfly workshop $10

10am. Olympic lifting class 1 for $15 or 4 for $40

11am. Celebratory WOD! HCF is 6 years old today!

4pm-midnight: 6 year Anniversary Harvest party! We’ll have a bonfire, music, food, and good times!

WHERE: The address for the party on the Tieman Property beginning at 4pm is

You’ll see a green gate that should be open, depending on where the horses are at, with a Hoosier CrossFit yard sign to direct you back. If you are in a car or vehicle you don’t want to get dirty/scratched up due to the trails you have to drive on, post to comments here and we can have times for pick up so you can just park in the front field and we can come pick you up to take you to the back field.

HOW MUCH: the cost for getting in is to bring food to share!