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CrossFit: My Story- Heather R.

This past Thanksgiving my twin sister, Jenny, brought home her boyfriend, Anthony (a CrossFit trainer out in Kansas City, MO), and initially introduced me to crossfit. Before this, I was the typical 30 minutes on an elliptical while reading a magazine kind of girl (never again). He ended up taking us to the YMCA and giving a brief tutorial on what a crossfit workout was like. After doing what seemed like a million walking lunges, some form of a ridiculous looking modified handstand push up, and the beloved burpees, I was hooked. I remember going home and telling my dad I wanted to do this NOW! The next week he had found a place called Hoosier CrossFit and we were going for a free introduction on Saturday. After doing the warm up, I had thought that was the workout, I was wrong. Although challenging, I was ready to become a crossfitter! The on ramp group session had started just a few days before our introduction, so I chose to do the one-on-one on ramp.

Shaun was my instructor for on ramp and was patient with me as I tried to learn all of the new weightlifting elements and other exercises I had never done before. With only a few weeks into on ramp, I was already seeing noticeable changes in my body, I hurt in places I didn’t even know existed, I was developing arm and shoulder muscles, and my thunder thighs were going away! It was a miracle; an elliptical would have never made these changes. Shaun encouraged me through the 12 sessions of on ramp and I was onto classes with other people.

I was nervous going into my first WOD with people who had been doing crossfit for awhile, but they welcomed me with open arms and cheered for me during the whole workout. I left feeling on top of the world. I went home in a great mood knowing that these strangers, now friends, believed in me throughout the workout, something your IPod can’t do. I’m now a few months out of on ramp and I feel strong, beautiful, and powerful! These WOD’s have me doing things I never thought I would be able to do! Who would have ever guessed I could a push press or do multiple pushups and kettlebell swings? Not to mention looking in the mirror has become an exciting thing to do!

Now, let’s rewind back to the free introduction. During our crossfit tutorial Shaun mentioned to us the Paleo diet and Robb Wolf’s book The Paleo Solution. Before this happened, I was the girl who had a salad with grilled chicken, a little cheese and I’ll take 2 cups of whatever low fat dressing you have and not to mention, the drainer of mom’s candy jar. I thought I was eating healthy, you know, putting gobs of ketchup on my vegetables (it was good), and drinking sugar free hot coco, but adding 2 scoops of Splenda brown sugar for a little sweetness, what was I thinking? However, Santa came to the rescue Christmas morning when I got The Paleo Solution! I had somewhat already started the Paleo diet before Christmas but this book made me understand it. My eating habits changed tremendously, I was now having mushroom and spinach omelets for breakfast, chicken with lots of vegetables (ketchup free), and bean and cheese free chili!

I could preach on and on about how wonderful the Paleo diet is, but for me it was life changing. My weight fluctuated up and down and up and down and I never could keep it off, and this (with a combination of crossfit) has kept it off. I had to go buy new pants, twice, because they were too big! I feel so alive during the day; I’m not dragging around 2pm like everyone else, it is a great feeling! More importantly, Hoosier Crossfit and the Paleo diet have given me the confidence to follow my dreams. Never in my life would I have though I would be in good enough shape to try out for the Colts Cheerleading squad, whether I make it or not, I know I have already accomplished something great.

Another added bonus to all of this greatness is not only is my twin sister (Jenny) an avid crossfitter up in West Lafayette, but my dad (who just turned 60) just got done with on ramp and is kicking my butt during the WOD’s!! Working out with him has given us something we can enjoy together and he always continues to push me to be better. As for my mom, she’s a work in progress. Oh! And again! Since I’ve been on this Paleo diet, and I live at home, guess what? Ma and Pa had to jump on the Paleo train as well! We are learning how to experiment with different foods and recipes and are constantly try new things; Paleo has become a family affair.

Hoosier Crossfit and the people who go there have filled my life with so much joy and happiness. I would never even consider going somewhere else, unless they all came along! I’m in the crossfit and Paleo plan for the long haul! I hope you are too!

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  1. Denise

    WOW! Great testimony Heather!!! You said it all…I’m hooked too and enjoying every minute…thanks for sharing =]