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If you think you’ve tried “everything,” You Haven’t
You Definitely need to shape up your eating habits.  It’s not okay to say, “You don’t like to eat healthy? That’s ok. Just exercise.”  NO!  Women have the hardest time losing weight, keeping it off, and having a hot summer body all year long.   Not to mention, we are often psycho, pretty emotional, crampy and bloated every month and have no idea why the hard work we put into exercise and eating “healthy whole grains” (plus the ice cream we snuck in after a long workout) isn’t getting rid of the fat in our butt, belly, and arms.

Integrate Paleo in your Lifestyle
Some of us have established a nutritional lifestyle that’s challenging to face.  There are certain foods you drool over just thinking about; yet, food is meant to satisfy our belly and give us nutrients, not make us crave more, gain weight and die of syndrome X diseases.  Slowly diminish your intake of sugar, grains, dairy, and processed foods and slowly increase your intake of meat, veggies, and fats with The Paleo Challenge

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