Come on By to 418 S. College Ave!  At NOON we will be painting the gym back to it’s original state.  We’ll have some supplies, but if you have rollers at home, bring ’em with!

Starting Monday!!! 

CrossFit Classes:
Class times will stay the same, but we’ve moved to 501 N. Rogers, Suite C. (47404) . It is between 8th and 9th street, and we are in a big, white building, and you can now see our sign from the road 🙂

Parking Lot – Between 9am-5pm on Monday through Friday, the lot next to our building (south) requires a parking tag (available inside).  Before 9am and After 5pm, park here without a tag.
Street Parking – there is tons of 2-hour parking on the street (south bound only)
Shower and Bathrooms:
Shower – It is first come first serve and bathing is AMRAP 15 minutes. Treat this shower as you would at home; please clean up after yourself.
Bathrooms – We have 2 bathrooms; there is one where you enter, and one connected to the locker room with a shower.  Please note that the locker room is not a changing room and will be shared with men and women.
  • If you use the toilet and put the toilet seat up, but it back down.
  • If you tear a tiny piece of toilet paper that falls to the floor, pick it back up.
  • If the toilet paper/soap is empty notify a coach.
  • If you stink, turn the fan on 😉
Personal Item storage:
hooks: there are hooks by my office wall. You can hang small items like keys/jackets on the hooks. Please do not place bulky belongings on the floor here.
cubbies: these are free to use for your bulky items during your class time.  Any items left in the cubbies at the end of the day will be placed in the Lost and found.  Every Friday, we will donate the lost and found items.
Lockers (48 available) these can be rented for $10/month.  Once adding this to your membership, the fee is automatically purchased with your membership auto month-to-month.  To cancel your locker fees, email[email protected] at least 5 business days before the end of the month.


We will have a retail area where we currently have Firebreather T shirts for men and women, plus Suns Out Guns Out Tanks for women. Hopefully this fall, we’ll become a Reebok CrossFit retailer and carry their shoes (and ultimately clothes!).  We’ll also have a fridge that will include Oh My Bars, protein bars for post workout fuel, plus Warrior Cereal from Bee Free Bakery in Noblesville!Look Forward to future programs provided at HCF! 
Bootcamp – It’s an outdoor cardio experience that incorporates gymnastics, endurance, plyometrics and more.  This can be for current CrossFitters, but is also great for those not ready for the Barbell 😉
Endurance – Learn proper running technique with skills and drills, plus programmed endurance workouts with a trainer.  Endurance workouts will be appropriately programmed for your to gain the most from the days you double up on CrossFit classes AND endurance training!
Beauty in Strength – This is women’s only foundations program where we will include a 30-day nutritional packet, have girl’s night outs, and build womens confidence in themselves.  At Hoosier CrossFit, Strong is Beautiful!
RowFit –  This is a program still based on the 9 foundational movements with constantly varied movements performed with intensity; it is intended for members who require modifications for low impact movements, but can, still, benefit those who do not..the rowing impaired 🙂
Olympic Lifting- Currently we offer training for the barbell specific movements (snatch, clean & Jerk) on Saturdays. In the future we will offer 2-3 sessions per week of olympic lifting specific skills, drills and lifting. This class is intended for all who wish to become more familiar and confident with these barbell lifts.