Our very own Dani R. will be moving to the Indianapolis area and today is her last day of official training at HCF, but we will see her back on weekends from time to time for team WODs. To see her off right, todays WOD is for Dani!

Mobility: Deadlift Prep

WOD: ‘Dani’
3 Rounds:
800m. Run
26 Deadlifts (115, 185lb.)
26 pullups

4 Responses

  1. Katie H.

    Dear Dani, thank you for inspiring this god awful looking workout…… on a serious note; you will be missed 🙁 Don’t be a stranger!

  2. Dani

    Lol!! Omg you guys are craaazy! When I said I like running and pullups, I didn’t mean to THIS extreme! Wow- seein me off right, I guess 🙂 I will miss all you Hoosier crossfitters

  3. Nancy R

    Best of luck Dani! Keep eating Paleo and hope to see you some weekend. Thursday’s not my day to work out – THANK GOODNESS!!!

  4. Jen R.

    Hey Dani! Dang, girl – that’s quite the workout! It was great to be in on-ramp with you. Have a blast in Indy and I’ll look forward to seeing you occasionally at HCF 🙂