Food from the mail or in a box from the freezer, and As Seen on TV exercise toys are excuses to hide the real problems in your life, and sometimes, we just don’t really know better and desperate for SOMETHING to give us hope.  At the end of the day, you NEED to make time for yourself… finish reading this post at our HCF challenge Blog!

Mobility:Torque is King, work the overhead position: foam roll keg drill, lacrosse ball on back, etc.

WOD: Part 1: 500 m. Row
post times to benchmark board!
Part 2:
“Game Day 2″
AMRAP 12 of:
10 Jerks (80,115lb.)
20 Box Jumps (20,24”)
30 Double Unders

Congrats to Cara & Evelyn for finishing On-Ramp! Welcome to the Hoosier CrossFit family!

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