Professional athlete John Stone, owner of CrossFit OWS, wishes he had found CrossFit earlier in his sports career. After playing college football for Wake Forest, he spent five seasons in the NFL, including three years with the Oakland Raiders. He is now a CrossFitter and gym owner in New Jersey. “If I Just Would Have Done CrossFit”

Mobility:PNF The Prime Movers of Your Hip

WOD: Part 1: Deadlift 5×3
Begin with 2-3 warmup sets at 50-60% of 1rm. Then increase load each round until you reach a 3rm load.
Part 2: AMRAP in 6 min:
6 Toes-Bar, 12 Burpees
(compare to 5/2/11)

Specialty WOD:
Oly-lifting: Burg Warmup + Snatch work
Choose ONE of the Following Sports:
Swim: 10-20 x 50 on 1 min
Bike: 10-15 x 1/4M on 1 min
Run: 6-12 x 200m w/ 2 min rest between