Tuesday 6/26


Tuesday 6/26

Tammy and Toby are an inspiration! They have been married over 25 years, and spend their evenings in Hoosier CrossFit classes! Strong inside the gym = strong outside the gym.

CrossFit: Team Workout
AMRAP 15min: Teams of 3, performed relay style:
50′ Sled Push (25 down, 25 back) each
1 rope climb (each)
10 box jumps (each)

10 min death by assault bike directly into tabata sit-up
*intention is that each set of cals on assault bike are completed as fast as possible
Min 1: 3 cals
Min 2: 6 cals
Min 3: 9 cals
Min 4: 12 cals
Min 5: 15 cals
*If you don’t complete the cals inside the min, begin back at 3 again, until 10 min ends

1 min rest:
followed by :20 on x :10 off x 8 rounds: abmat sit-ups