Reebok Makes Huge Push Into CrossFit
from CNBC.com
With Reeboks sponsorship, CrossFit is now becoming more “mainstream.”
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Skill: Jump rope: Singles/Doubles

WOD: Part 1: Deadlift. [email protected]%. [email protected]%. 5+ @85%.
Part 2: Every min. on the min. for 10 min:
perform 10 hand release pushups, with time remaining in minute complete as many box jumps as possible (20,24”)
Box jumps must be done with pause standing full open hip on top of box, no jump on-jump off.
(goal with this workout is to keep same timing/tempo each min. Shoot for same # of box jumps each round.)

4:15 Competitor/Open Gym.
Recovery: mobility + Recovery WOD (not for time, completed with light-med weight.)
3 rounds, 15 reps each:
Glute Ham Developer Sit-ups, Glute Ham Developer hip extensions, Kettlebell Swings, Bench Press, Pullups