Tuesday 7/31


Tuesday 7/31

Every CrossFit workout begins with a warm up, then skill training. CrossFit is a sport, and includes movements that are fun to learn, but technical. We teach the fundamentals and scale to your current abilities.

KB skill work:
single arm swings + switches
KB single arm clean
KB single arm front squat
KB single arm lunges
KB single arm push press
KB windmill

WOD: 4 rounds x 3 min w/ 1 min rest between rounds (16 min total)
1 single arm swing
1 single arm clean
1 single arm front squat
1 single arm lunge
1 single arm push press
1 windmill
switch arms and repeat

4, 3 min rounds w/ 1 min rest (16 min)
10 stationary dips
8 DB push press
6 burpees