Mobility: Better Rowing: High Hamstrings

WOD: 4 x 500m. Row sprints
shoot for same or better time than prior row
(compare to 1/4/11)
skill work on kipping toes-bar/knees-elbows between rounds

2 Responses

  1. Katie H.

    What a WOD….. endurance is a big goat of mine so needless to say I had a mental struggle over a physical one, but it was so INSPIRING watching everyone kick but and even set PR’s!!! (on set 4 non the less Jen R.!) You all ROCK!!

  2. Jen R.

    Thanks, Katie! I really wanted to prove to myself that an unexpected setback wasn’t going to stop me (as they have in the past), and the encouragement all of you guys gave me is what really pushed me to that PR. The WODs at HCF are amazing, but the community is even better! HCF really is THE BEST!