Ethan (L) participates in our first night of Strongman! Brian (R) finishing up the running portion of tonight’s workout.

A. Push Press- re-setting at front rack position at each rep w/ 1 sec pause at overhead lockout each rep.

warmup; 10x empty bar, 8 x 30%, 5×40%
work sets: 50%x5, 60%x5, 70%x5
*treat this as an E2min emom. Goal today is positioning and speed work with lighter loads.

B. For time: scale accordingly so this is under 10 min.
25/20 cal row
800/600/400m. Run*
25/20 cal row
*go hard on this, goal is to hit the run at a pace that is uncomfortable.
*if your 1 mile run is under 8 min run 800
if your 1 mile run is 8-10 min run 600
if your 1 mile is 10+ min run 400m