In this progression Carl breaks down the Kipping Pull Up on the bar by building on the the Bar Kip to assist Pull Ups and to make them quicker. It’s important to take the time to practice this skill, especially the transition from the Kip to the Pull Up, and then from the push down back into the Kip. Transitions are where much of the magic happens, and often where most of the faults occur!

Skill: Kipping knees-elbows/toes-bar. P.1-4.
WOD: Not for time: but work within a 15-18 min time period MAX.
5 Front Squats (75%) immediately complete 25 kipping pull-ups.
4 Front Squats (80%) immediately complete 20 kipping pull-ups.
3 Front Squats (85%) immediately complete 15 kipping pull-ups.
2 Front Squats (90%) immediately complete 10 kipping pull-ups.
1 Front Squat (95-100%) immediately complete 5 kipping pull-ups.
*working with a partner in the same rack, complete front squat weight, goal is to go as heavy as possible on each set, then as partner 1 finishes FS, go directly to pull-ups, partner 2 then completes FS while partner 1 is doing pull-ups, continue through until all rounds and reps have been completed.