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Human bodies were designed to move freely in space in the most effective and efficient manner. As athletes, gymnasts are known to execute the most optimal movements through impeccable control of strength, balance, and power.

MOD: Mix

Mobility: 10 min working on your goats
If you’ve having trouble PRing on a complex movement, or KNOW you’re tight in a critical joint, you need to take mobility seriously.  It’s what’s keeping you from hitting the next level.  Attack it with the same intensity and vigor that you would your CrossFit WOD.

WOD: Gymnastics Skill Work
Part 1: Strict pullup or Muscle up progressions 4×10
Part 2: Handstand skill work- 10 min.
Part 3: Make up:
1.Back Squat 60% x 8; 65% x 8; 70% x 6; 75% x 6 x 2
2. Annie
3. If you have NOT missed a day, continue gymnastics GOATs