Today’s mission is to cultivate some better abdominal bracing (protecting your back by stabilizing with your trunk) while sitting down.  The short story is that sitting is a high skill task.  And as it turns out, most of us aren’t even aware that we lack the ability to sit in a way that doesn’t trash ourselves.
Watch, learn & DO!
-Abdominal bracing by KStarr

MOD: Playlist mix

Mobility: band distraction-better squatting

WOD: Part 1: Back Squat 60% x 8; 65% x 8; 70% x 6; 75% x 6 x 2
Part 2: Weighted Pushups 5×3 (compare)
Part 3: Tabata Squats 8 x 20:10
post: foam roll!

415 Specialty:
Run: 6-8 x 600m, rest 2:00, hold each effort within 3-5 seconds
Row: 6-8 x 750m, rest 2:00, hold each effort within 2-3 seconds