Day 1 of 2011!


Day 1 of 2011!

Welcome to 2011 CrossFitters!

REMINDER: No morning classes.
4pm Team WOD! Get your new year, new you, started right!

Look for tomorrow’s (Sunday) post about the upcoming 6 week challenge!

Mobility: DO IT!

WOD: 1-1-2011
2 person teams
Complete the following for time (continuously running clock)
1. Complete 1 mile run
(team members must run together and cannot move onto next station until both members have finished 1 mile.)
2. Complete 1 round every min on the min for 11 min: 1 muscle-up (4 pullup, 4 dips), 1 handstand pushup, 20 double-unders (60 singles)
(each team member must work through the entire 11min. For each min you do not complete a full round, ADD 20lbs to part 3.)
3: attain 2011lbs of weight per person, (4022lbs total) doing full Snatches at heaviest possible weight with good form.
Example: Shaun uses 95lbs for snatch, Jenna Uses 65lbs. For each 1 rep Shaun and Jenna complete they achieve 160lbs. They must each do this 26 times to achieve 4022lbs.