In House Throwdown


In House Throwdown


Special thanks to all those who came out to our first in house throw down competition, from the participants to the spectators!

Everyone kicked some major @SS all day long through some tough workouts and more than anything supported EVERYONE in every workout to show you all are capable of more than you think!

Also special Thanks to Ryan Burton & John Boggs for the photo/video throughout the event. Be on the lookout over the next weeks for some awesome pics/video of the action!

Final full results will be posted later this week. Here are the top 3:

Scaled Female
1. Kellyn K.
2. Andrea W.
3. Leah G.
Scaled Male
1. Travis C.
2. Mike C.
3. Joe H.
Rx Female
1. Katie H.
2. Jacqueline D.
3. Heather R.
Rx Male
1. Shaun T.
2. Stephen R.
3. Kyle S.

Maggie O' Rocking the 2 rm thruster.

Maggie O’ Rocking the 2 rm thruster.

WOD #1: AMRAP 2 min: Double-unders/ Single-unders
1 min rest.
AMRAP 5 min: 1 Deadlift (205, 125#) (135, 95#), 1 box jump over (20,24”)
2 Deadlift, 2 box jump over
3 deadlift, 3 box jump over… continuing as far as you can.

WOD #2: 8 min to develop 2 rep max thruster from rack.

WOD #3: Chipper for time: (15 min cap)
Move full set of bumpers length of room (40′) 2 each: 45,35,25,15,10# plates.
15 bar hop burpees
15 power cleans (135,95#) (95,65#)
15 toes-bar/knees-hips
15 Front squat (same load as PC)
15 chest-bar pullup/chin over bar
15 shoulder-overhead (same load as pc/fs)
move full set of bumpers back to starting point.