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It’s like your brain is wrapped in fluffy white gauze, yet you can feel each and every breath, almost every molecule of air going into your lungs. Breathing never felt so sweet. Air was never so beautiful.
Stoned On CrossFit
by Lisbeth

  • 10a Oly-Lifting:
  • Warm-up series -2 push press+2 jerk behind neck +2 press behind neck in split position-3 sets
  • Power clean + front squat + clean + jerk (3 sec pause in split) – 3 sets
  • Hang snatch high-pull, flat footed -3 x 4
  • Front squat – 65% x 4 x 3

Team WOD: Teams of 4:
4 rounds:
Each team begins with 100 burpees ( 2 people moving at a time)
Base station: 15 wallball(14,20#), 15 box jump(20,24”), 15 toes-bar, 15 kb power clean (35,53#)
(Each team member will begin at a seperate base station and can NOT move onto next station until member in front of them has completed their reps. Once each team member gets through all movements in base station, entire team repeats burpees and base station 3 more times, for a total of 4 rounds.)