REMINDER:  Sunday’s Reflection Today is the Second post to reflect on your first week of the paleo challenge.   This is a mandatory assignment for everyone participating.

Basic joy in moving your body: something we know as kids, but often forget as adults. Happy to just be able to do things. Happy to move, to run, to do whatever we feel like.

Adult life is so . . . serious. We have responsibilities and bills and kids and jobs and pressure. We’re told to “Grow up!” and “Act your age” “Stop playing around!” “Get serious.”

Um, no. Not right now.

If we do this thing right — if we CrossFit and learn to exercise in functional ways again, ways our bodies were meant to move as human beings — it’s going to look a damn lot like play, even as hard as we go. And maybe we won’t look so grown up, or seem like we’re acting our age. And it’ll probably actually feel more like when we were 9 on the playground and yelled “Hey Mom, watch this!”

There’s not one damn thing wrong with that. Go put a “Watch this!” moment in your day and see what happens to your body, your mind, your spirit.

Watch this. And this. And this too. World, you don’t even know what I’m capable of yet . . .

-CrossFit Lisbeth, Watch This

Get out and move today, doesnt have to be anything big, but get out and enjoy this awesome October weather we are having!

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