“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”
– John Wooden

Mobility: Get 10 min of working on your nasty spots. The Lower Body Basic List, Basic Upper Body Mobility List.

Team WOD: 3 person teams, 20min Cap.
Barbell Farmers walk: 600ft.(50,95) 1 person moving at a time
with remaining time complete as many rope climbs(15ft.) as possible as a team (1 person climbs at a time, other team members do burpees while team member climbs) 2 moving, 1 rest station. Rotate as needed.

Special thanks to Andrew from Singapore for WODing with us for the past few weeks!

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  1. Had a Great turnout this morning with 12 people!
    Shaun & Paul: only a 2 person team but still killed it! Paul and Shaun used Rx for farmers carry. Paul subbed rope lowers for climbs, Shaun Rx climb. Completed 41 climbs as a team! Good job Paul.