CrossFit My Story: Travis H.

I have always been a pretty active guy and have always gone to a gym to workout.  Going to the gym had always been a part of my life.  I started lifting weights consistently my freshman year in high school.  I have always been comfortable in a gym because I was able to throw a lot of weight around (which at one time I thought was great!)

I then started reading about CrossFit online and knew a few people doing it.  I kind of laughed at them and was wondering “what’s the point??”  Why do a 10-20 minute workout?  How much can they really be benefitting?   I would much rather go to a “traditional gym”, do my own workout, and hit the treadmill for 20 min.

I met Shaun and he convinced me and a few friends to come check out a free workout.  I was feeling pretty confident when I got to the gym because I was able to lift a lot of weight at a “traditional gym.”  We finished our warm up and knew I was in for a surprise.  At the end of the workout I was literally rolling on the floor laughing (and in pain) because Shaun had just whipped us!  I have been an addict and convert ever since!

The great thing about Hoosier CrossFit is that they prepare you for your workouts by warming up and working on mobility/flexibility to decrease the chance of injury.  In my profession (chiropractic), MOBILITY is KEY!  The functional movements of the workouts have increased my overall endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility!!  After my first three weeks I had lost over 10 lbs of fat alone!!

You get what you want out of a workout.  If you are there to push yourself then you will really feel it!  CrossFit is for people of every age and all athletic ability.  It’s for those that can barely walk down the street to the professional athlete.  CrossFit will push you to your limits and help you realize that the only thing limiting you is your mind.  The body can do amazing things that we are all capable of; we just have to put our minds to it.

I am getting excited writing this just thinking about the next WOD.  If you are apprehensive about checking out Hoosier CrossFit shoot me an email and tell me why.  I will tell you how and why you are fully capable of achieving your fitness goals at Hoosier CrossFit.  [email protected]

Dr. Travis R. Hulbert
Owner, Quest Chiropractic Center