Portion: zone/paleo
By hcfchallenge

2/11 Saturday
Miss Indiana University Pageant
6:30pm, IU Memorial Union
HCF is the fitness sponsor for 2012!

2/11 Saturday
Game Night via Heather R.
8pm, Heather’s House
Invite only for HCF members-email for info

9a Oly-lifting: 3 position power clean + 1 power jerk after each
(incrementing weight)

Team WOD: CrossFit ‘PIG’
3 person teams, played similar to basketball PIG.
1st team member picks any movement and performs as many reps as possible in 20 seconds. Other 2 team members must then match or beat that many reps. Who ever has lowest score gets a letter, who ever has highest wins the round and picks next movement.