REMINDER: Upcoming Events.

2/11 Saturday
Miss Indiana University Pageant
6:30pm, IU Memorial Union
HCF is the fitness sponsor for 2012!

2/11 Saturday
Game Night via Heather R.
8pm, Heather’s House
Invite only for HCF members-email for info

2/12 Sunday
Sunday Funday- Hero WOD
3:30pm, Hoosier CrossFit
Join us for our series of Hero WODs to be performed on select Sundays each month!

WOD: P1. Snatch work: Burg warmup+ skill transfers (pvc-barbell)
P2. 2 snatch long pull + 2 snatch push press + 2 overhead squats- 2 sets (barbell-lgt. wt.)
P3. Power snatch + overhead squat + snatch (2 sec pause in bottom of each)- 3 sets (moderate-heavy wt.)

Heather R. PR Snatch- 110#