“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”
-Vince Lombardi

‘Superbowl Sunday’
Since this is the greatest day of Football, I thought I would spread some more light on how some NFL players train to be the best they can be in a professional sport. Could it possibly be? Yes! CrossFit!

Tomorrow begins week 5 of our 6 week paleo challenge! Full on Paleo for 2 more full weeks!

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  1. Nancy Richman

    Paleo challenge going smoothly – pretty much a non-issue for week 4.

    More importantly, I’ve been thinking about how much of X-Fit for me is mental. My mind still limits my ability to push myself 100%. Eg. my mind says: “if I push myself in the warm up I might not have enough left over for the WOD”; “if I push myself hard in the first 50 burpees, I might not make it to the end…” on and on. As I feel more confident in what I can do, hopefully I’ll be able to really go for it. A telling example… my 500m row is a fairly consistent time of 2’25” – my 1000m row time yesterday was 4’50”. If I can keep my warm up pace of 500m for the full 1000m, this tell me that the 500m by itself should be faster. If I was really making maximum effort in 500m I wouldn’t be able to maintain the pace. Mind over body – still working on it.

    On to week 5!

    Good luck Heather – you’ll do fine! And, say hi to Mickey for me!

    P.S. GO PACK!