Gumbo Recipe!
Who Loved that Gumbo This Weekend!?

By hcfchallenge

WOD: AMRAP 2 min. followed by 2 min rest x 5 rounds.
1 Rope Climb (15′), 2 Front Squats (115,185#)
2 Rope Climb, 4 Front Squats
3 Rope Climb, 6 Front Squats..
(Go as far as you can in 2 min., barbell comes from floor.)

4:15 Competitor:
P1. 2-position snatch (floor, mid-thigh) – 75% x 5 sets
Snatch balance – heavy single (work up slowly to try to get 8-10 total reps)
P2.Weighted Situp 3×10.
P3. Weighted Back extension 3×10.

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  1. Cara

    I have officially been here an entire year and have missed every single rope climb workout! How is this possible?!