Open Sectional Week 2 workout announced
Reminder: If you are NOT traveling with us to the Arnold Classic this weekend, these are your options for completing/being judged for this week:
.Thursday March 1 during Open Gym, 415pm.
.Film yourself completing the workout (standards).
.Saturday March 3: Set up appointment with 812 CrossFit in Columbus Indiana (Contact Craig for details: 812-552-4623).
If you do not complete the workout with one of the following options you will NOT receive a score for week 2.

Skill: Kickup-handstand hold.

WOD: P1. Snatch grip deadlift. 1-1-1-1-1
P2. High Hang & Power Snatch progressions
P2. AMRAP 5 min (or 75 reps, whichever comes first): Power Snatch (50,75#)

4:15 Open Gym/ Competitor:
Open gym: take advantage of working on your weaknesses, mobility or make up a WOD.
Endurance WOD: Follow todays WOD
Competitor: OPEN WOD 12.2 If you need to be judged this is the ONLY time to do so via HCF.
otherwise: Oly-Lifting progressions (Snatch)
1. Burg Warmup: down-up, scarecrow, muscle snatch
2. Snatch lands: 2”, 6” , full squat.
3. Snatch skill transfer: Snatch pushpress, OHS, pressing SN balance, Heaving SN balance, SN balance
4. High hang snatch
5. positions: floor, below knee, mid thigh, finish