Tuesday 3/6


Tuesday 3/6

Test Day 2 is in the books! Some wonder why we do test and retest days. CrossFit is all about data. By having workouts that are measurable, repeatable, and observable, we as a gym and CrossFit as a community are able to always adjust training to get better each day.

CrossFit: Test Day #2
A. Pullup/ pushup skill work
B. Alternating Tabata:
20 on x 10 off x 8
odd: pullup
even: pushup

3 rounds of :40sec on x :20 off
DB reverse lunges
DB push press
rest 1 min

Burn 30:
Workout: 5 rounds, 1 min each station
1. Row cals
2. Bike cals
3. burpees