REMINDER: Our newest Coach led Specialty Class, Endurance, begins today @ 5:30pm!
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Handstand/Handstand Walk Progression part #1.
Working with a partner. 16 min total, 8 min per person.
EMOTM: 3 front squats @ 65% of 1rm FS or 50-60% of 1rm BS, + 3 box jumps (24,30”)Partner 1 begins workout on the minute with 3 FS then immediately performs 3 box jumps with a step down, they have 1 min to complete that work. On the top of the 2nd min, Partner 2 begins with the same, repeat through both partners for a total of 16 min, or 8 rounds per person.

Endurance: Choose ONE of the following sports:
Swim: 3 – 6 x 200m w/ 90sec rest
Bike: 3 – 6 x 2M w/ 2 min spin/rest
Run: 3 – 6 x 800m w/ 3 min rest
Row: 3 – 6 x 800m w/ 3 min rest
(pick your weakness: ex. If you suck at running, run. If you suck at rowing, row.)

9/11 Day is a movement built on people remembering through positive action.
This movement is built on your good deeds
Millions throughout the world performed good deeds last 9/11, each paying tribute through positive action. Tell us what you will do (your “I Will”) this year and help grow the movement around the globe.