Your hesitancy is unproductive; a watering ground for fear and doubt saplings to grow their roots. You only think you need this time to think. Your heart and body would rather be in motion. They were built to be used.
But, whatever your decision in this life, make it.
Act. You’ve most likely spent far too much time just thinking about it already.
Fogging the Window-Lisbeth

Reminder: Thurs., November 10 @ 7:15pm On Ramp begins Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15pm, Saturday at 10am.

Mobility: ankle band mob while squatting + overhead goodness

WOD: Part 1: high hang snatch drills: burg warmup+ ohs+ snatch balance+high hang snatch.
part 2: 5 rounds: 10 high hang snatch (50,75#), 10 pullup