October 2012


Fighting for Greatness: A CrossFit Story By Johnny Medina III Skill: Dips WOD: Skill: split jerk– 3x each: shoulder press, push press, stepping into landing position, jumping to landing position, split jerk. P1. Max Effort Split Jerk. warm up in sets of 2 until 2 repetitions get heavy (40,50,60,70%) and switch to a single rep …

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IU Home coming weekend, EVENTS 10 am: Olympic Lifting. Snatch progressions 11 am: Team WOD. ‘Team Danny‘: AMRAP 20 min: 30 Box Jump (20,24”), 20 push press (75,115#), 30 pull-ups (2 person teams, 1 person working at a time, switch partners whenever needed)


Register for “Saving Grace” via Mindbody! The proceeds are donated to the Olcott Center for Breast Cancer! You are guaranteed a shirt if you register by TODAY!! You are alive. Do something with this day. Don’t complain it away. Live it. Alive Essays | BY Lisbeth Skill: Burpee jump & land. WOD: 10 min clock: …

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adad WOD: ‘Kelly’ 5 rounds for time: 400m. Run (post #125), 30 Box Jumps(20,24”), 30 wall ball(14,20#- 10′ height) (35min cap) CWOD: Power snatch + 2 snatch – 65% x 2 sets; 70% x 3 sets (% of 1 rm full snatch) Jerk – 70% x 3 x 2; 75% x 3 x 3 (% …

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Eggs Benedict Burger By hcfchallenge Skill: Jumping & Landing: box jumps VIDEO: Perfecting the box jump- KStarr & Carl Paoli WOD: 3 rounds of: 1 min max strict pull-up (least assistance possible), 1 min of Right side planks 1 min max strict pull-up, 1 min of LEFT side planks (12 min total on the clock, …

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CrossFit Whiteboard: Functional movement WOD: ‘Elizabeth‘ 21-15-9 reps for time: Power clean (95,135#) or (50-60% of 1 rm power clean), Dips (15 min. cap) CWOD: P1. Pressing Strength: Shoulder Press- 3 reps EMOTM for 10 min. @ 80-85%. OR, HSPU- EMOTM for 10 min @ submaximal reps, unbroken. Goal is to stay consistent for each …

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Two Paths by Juli Bauer …So stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to be someone else. Start figuring out what the hell you are going to accomplish today. Then do it. Skill: Perfecting the box jump- KStarr & Carl Paoli WOD: P1. Max Effort Front Squat. warm up in sets of 3 until 3 …

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