Day 5 of the 6 Week Paleo Challenge! Keep up with your 1 paleo meal per day this week. Beginning on Monday you will do 2 Paleo meals per day. Check out Jenna’s Paleo blog for recipes!

NO WODs tomorrow, (Saturday). Shaun, Jenna & Matt J. will be participating in the Great Lakes CrossFit Invitational at CrossFit Indy North in Noblesville! Come on up and support the crew with a full day of WODs.

Rowing Challenge, Monday January 17th begins our 500m Row challenge. Come in early, get warmed up and row your heart out to get your best 500m Row time: The 2 fastest males and 2 fastest females will be put on our team to compete at the Indianapolis Indoor rowing championships on January 29th. Hoosier CrossFit will pay for the entry fees for those who make the team.

Mobility: Ze Hip Flexion, Front Rack Wrist Mob and More!

WOD: Part 1: Clean segment pull x3: Clean 2-2-2
Part 2:
AMRAP burpees in 20 seconds, rest 2min x3
Part 3: Not for time: 2 rounds: 15 weighted GHD back ext (25,45), 15 GHD situps