Week 2 of the Paleo Challenge! This Means 2 Paleo meals each day this week. Keep up the good work, keep track of progress and follow Jenna’s meals!

Rowing Challenge, TODAY begins our 500m Row challenge. Come in early, get warmed up and row your heart out to get your best 500m Row time: The 2 fastest males and 2 fastest females will be put on our team to compete at the Indianapolis Indoor rowing championships on January 29th. Hoosier CrossFit will pay for the entry fees for those who make the team.

Mobility: Better Rowing: High Hamstrings,Improved Hip Mobility for Better Squatting Tomorrow

WOD: Part 1: Row 500 m.
(or work on mobility if your not trying for the team)
Part 2: WOD 4 from CFIN Invitational
3 rounds: 20 back squat (75,115), 20 toes to bar, 20 double-under

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  1. Caleb Hartley

    As Rx 13:02

    Part 1
    AMRAP in 6 minutes of:
    8 185 lb. DL
    8 Jump over box (24″ high, 20″ deep)
    1 min. rest
    Max reps in 2 minutes of:
    135 lb. thrusters

    5 rounds, 12 thrusters

    Well it is obvious that my rigorous search for more power potential has killed my strength. No complaints though because my joints are not achy, and I have no problems through almost all my ranges. It’s only up from here.