So stop looking for the do-overs in the gym and in life. Man up. Woman up. Whatever up. Just keep moving and make better choices. Get better results.
Do Overs- CrossFit Lisbeth

Mobility: Lacrosse ball hammie goodness + band distraction hamstring flossing

WOD: 21 Deadlift (135,225#), 40ft. Overhead Walking Lunge (25,45#), 21 pullups, 40ft. Overhead Walking Lunge
15 Deadlift, 40ft. OHWL, 15 pullup, 40ft. OHWL
9 Deadlift, 40ft. OHWL, 9 pullup, 40ft. OHWL

2 Responses

  1. Johnna Davis

    If Morgan’s chin isn’t over the bar but his lips are, does that count? Must be what’s happening with the lips in that pic! 🙂