REMINDER: There will be NO open gym today at 4pm, however, Jenna and I will be at the gym around 3pm if you would like to stop by and get a WOD in for about an hour.

Congrats to our competitors on Saturdays Throwdown WOD!

6 Week Paleo Challenge:
We wanted to give a big shout out and overview of those who took part in our 6 week paleo challenge which ended last week.
Nancy R., Dani R. & Heather R. all took part and made Paleo/CrossFit part of their lifestyle!
In doing this ALL the ladies were able to see HUGE benefits from eating Paleo and CrossFitting on a regular basis: Read some of what they had to say! Sunday Checkpoint Comments

Nancy R.:
“I Feel good in my body and am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a while. I like it.”
“After not quite 2 months of X-Fit, my weight is down, I fit better into my clothes, have energy and good mood – so far so good.”
“Bottom line, I intend to stay on it as well; perhaps not as fanatically as the past 5 weeks, as it was a point of honor to complete 5 weeks of the challenge at 100% even though we weren’t required to do that. Great work gals! It’s been fun.”

Dani R.:
“Can’t believe how fast 6 weeks can go! I was dreading it at the beginning because I wasn’t ready to start preparing healthy meals all the time again…I don’t know WHAT I was thinking! I can’t imagine going back to eating the way I used to.”
“I plan on sticking to Paleo for life. It’s unbelievable how much a diet can change the way you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. I’m just so much happier!”

Heather R.:
“For anyone who has gotten to know me, they know I’m a little less than obsessed with the Paleo lifestyle! I love everything about it! Almost to the point where I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to do it! This whole experience has been life changing for me! I feel so much more powerful, healthy, and beautiful!!! I have learned to love the word “no” (what am I 5 again?) I love explaining to people what Paleo is all about and how GREAT it makes you feel!”

Great job ladies! The HCF challenge blog will stay active with recipes, tips, info and more, so make sure to get your friends involved and show them how the Paleo lifestyle can change your life!

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