REMINDER: Your Invited to attend & bring a friend!: Visit us on Friday April 22, from 5-10pm for an evening social gathering and workouts. Get a great workout in, eat good food and hangout with our community of CrossFitters!
5:15pm: Member WOD
6:15pm: On-Ramp WOD
7:15pm: FREE intro for newbies!
8:15pm: Open Sectional WOD #5
Come see what all your friends are raving about and check out a FREE intro and workout at 7:15!


WOD: 5-10-20-30-20-10-5 reps of:
Pullups (If not using a band, do chest-bar)
Double-unders (3x SU)

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  1. Katie H,

    Wowza….. destructive hand workout!!!! I think we all walked away with at least 1 rip! But hey…… beauty is in strength not strength in beauty!!! Great Job everyone!!!!

    Also, I want to give a huge shout out to our awesome trainers!!! They know all of us and know how to push us and I am very thankful to have them (even though I slightly curse under my breath for Shaun making me do CTB pullups grr). I appreciate all the confidence they have in me and I think that they should get some well deserved credit 🙂