Pain (if it’s not pathological) is the only way your body can tell you your mechanics need work. Too many times individuals don’t realize that MECHANICS are the key to long term longevity in life and in the CrossFit Gym. At HCF, this is our 1st goal, understanding movement and resolving pain issues, not making them worse! Stand back, leave your ego at the door and begin to mobilize and get yourself moving correctly!! Episode 253/365: Knee Pain Case Study | Mobility WOD

Mobility: Hit the tight spots!
See above!

WOD: Part 1: Oly-lifting: Snatch progressions
Part 2: GOAT
AMRAP in 15 min. of 2-3 weaknesses.
Much has been said about muscular endurance, modal capacity and training weaknesses in CrossFit. What I’d like to cover here is just one tool that might help athletes and coaches quickly improve a distinct weakness. Volume Training for “Goats”

4:15 Specialty WOD:
Oly-lifting: Power clean, front squat, clean+ jerk
Run/Row: 5k time trial
Pose running drills

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  1. Denise

    5000 m row: Total time = 24:13.6; 2:25.3 avg/500m; 25 s/m
    1000m = 4:43.0; 2:21.5 avg/500m; 25 s/m
    2000m = 4:53.7; 2:26.8 avg/500m; 25 s/m
    3000m = 4:53.8; 2:26.9 avg/500m; 25 s/m
    4000m = 4:54.3; 2:27.1 avg/500m; 25 s/m
    5000m = 4:48.8; 2:24.4 avg/500m; 26 s/m