CF: Row 2 min on x 1 min off x 10 rounds. Goal is to go at a hard, but manageable pace across all sets covering max distance each time frame, but trying to keep same pace while doing so.

Level 3: Shoot for all 10 rounds completed at a sub 145 pace for men/ sub 200 pace for women.

Level 2: Shoot for 8-10 rounds completed at a sub 200 pace for men/ sub 215 pace for women.

Level 1: Shoot for 6-8 rounds completed at a sub 215 pace for men, sub 230 pace for women.
*if pace falls off from where you began, either try to reclaim the pace and stay in it for another round or more, or stop at that point as a large decrease in pace wont be beneficial for teaching the body how to maintain positions/cadence and pace throughout.