Bread = Sodium
By hcfchallenge
CDC survey finds bread is top source of sodium in US diet.
ABC World News (2/7, story 7, 0:35, Sawyer) reported that “the Center for Diseases Control said nine out of ten adults eat too much salt. And the number one source of their salt is a surprise — bread and rolls.”

Skill: Wall climb to hollowbody handstand hold

WOD: P1. Power Clean. 3-3-3 (incrementing each round to a solid heavy set of 3, touch and go)
P2. Over Head Squat. 70%x1x2. 75%x1x2. 80%x1x2. (find your 1rm here)
P3. Weighted Situp 3×10. Abmat or GHD.

4:15 Open Gym/ Competitor:
Open gym: take advantage of working on your weaknesses, mobility or make up a WOD.
Endurance WOD: Follow todays CFendurance.com WOD
Competitor: 5 rounds:
5 clean complex* (105,165#)
5 wallclimbs
*1 clean complex= clean, hang power clean, jerk